Zelda and Taroko Gorge

As the work day drew to a close today, my colleague-as-boss was berating those of us in the office to go out and enjoy the holiday. He yelled, “Take your 59 minutes!”

To those in civilian government service, this means you get to work one minute and get paid for one hour. Hence, if your work day typically ends at 4:00pm, you can leave at 3:01pm on days when “59 minutes” is granted.

Okay, okay, I can hear the complainers already – “Who gets to leave work at 4pm?!!”

“Why are my tax dollars being used this way?!!”

Let’s focus on the positive here, the government recognizes that its employees are human and will respond to recognition and reward. I hope your private employer provides the same and if not, I hope you demand it.

In any case, as I started to ponder the value of celebrating U.S. Independence Day abroad, my mind wandered to The Legend of Zelda, naturally.

Did you know that the original game was named in honor of Zelda Fitzgerald?! I didn’t know that until I looked it up tonight. How exciting, a United States link to one of the only video games I am still willing to play as an adult (sports games on the Wii don’t count, that’s exercise , duh).

I started thinking about The Legend of Zelda a couple of months ago when I was touring Taiwan with my cousin Maddie. We visited a national park called Taroko Gorge and I felt transported both spiritually and experientially; the sheer natural beauty was overwhelming and yet I felt like I was walking through the landscape of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This post reminds me that I have kept my Taroko experience largely to myself…it was so special I’m not quite sure how to talk about it yet.

Since that time I have been contemplating ordering the game for our Wii, and with today’s U.S. reference discovery, the purchase is in the bag. During my rigorous research for this post, I came across proof positive that another Zelda player recognized the same scenery at Taroko Gorge. I leave you with his creative representations…


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6 responses to “Zelda and Taroko Gorge

  1. I love video games, and am upset to say I’ve never played Zelda!! I got the new one for Wii at Christmas, but I got pissed off because it turns out you have to have the new kind of controller. So by the time I finally got the correct controller, I’d kind of lost interest and was busy.

    That national park sounds AWESOME. Every time I go to national parks I start thinking I should be a park ranger, and probably not wait 2 years in between visits.

    • um, well we just ordered the new zelda, so you’ll be hearing about it here.

      you love video games? that surprises me since you’re so active and creative. not that that can’t go along with video games, but … anyway, I haven’t played many video games, but I do love Zelda!

      • I do! To be honest, I haven’t had much time for them the past few months, but I do own an xbox and a Wii. I’ve been more into TV shows lately. I love buying box sets on DVD and watching episodes before bed. I want to try out Zelda now!

  2. I played video games all through the 80s and early 90s with my big brother. We loved Zelda! There’s an exhibit at the American Art Museum here called “The Art of Video Games” that Dave and I went to see a few weeks ago. I got to play Pac-Man on a huge screen. I squealed at the part exhibiting the original Zelda.

    We sometimes call our dog “Darknut,” who was the villian in the original game you could only kill in the dungeons with hits from behind (I actually have a draft post about this). Chuck is sort of bottom heavy and looks kind of like an orange Darknut from behind when he’s sitting waiting to go outside.

    That video is awesome! Dave came in a few seconds into my watching it and without knowing what this post was about, said “is that guy being Link?”

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