Hot, hot, hot

For all of you in the U.S. feeling the heat wave, welcome to the pool!

No, I don’t have a pool here! I’m saying c’mon in, because Sicily is hot, hot, hot. July 1st marked three months of non-stop heat and humidity here. Nighttime lows in the upper 70s, midday highs in the 90s and 100s, humidity in the 60% and above. Whoo, hoo! Although I am enduring some growing pains in the way of a very light heat rash (just the prickly feeling, no bumps or red splotches so far).

Maki and Panther have been shedding like crazy over the past few weeks, in a desperate attempt to prepare for this weather. Fortunately, Sicilians build for this kind of weather. The stone walls that were so cool and formidable in winter are now a barrier to the sun and heat. The heavy wooden shutters block out the strong Sicilian sun and keeps the house relatively cool. Okay, it keeps it “not hot” during the day, and it cools off in the evenings when we open things back up to let the breeze push through.

Panther still loves to take in the view, and pose intimidatingly, no matter the weather.



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2 responses to “Hot, hot, hot

  1. Violent thunderstorms took out all kinds of trees and power lines here on Friday night. I know people who have been told their power won’t be back on until July 6th. I would die. Thankfully we didn’t lose power, many of our neighbors did. I had two batches of ice cream mix chilling in the fridge and I would have been pissed to lose them. It’s been really hot here for about a week, I don’t know that I could deal with heat and humidity starting in April…it’s usually May-ish through Sept here. I should find a more temperate place to live.

  2. That’s an amazing picture!! I’ll look forward to more sunny pics from Italy. We’re still in the middle of non-stop rain since about umm end of April (apart from our one sunny week). 🙂

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