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Ryan Lochte. Great or the Greatest? Discuss.

Click that photo for story link and source. I’m totally falling for his story, and the Olympics generally have not disappointed for controversy, rumors and drama! My lack of planning and understanding of my Italian tv and the dvr generally has meant that my Olympic experience has been largely internet media oriented. C’est la vie.

Update: Check out hilarious clips from interviews with Ryan Lochte!

Dave is working in Bahrain this week and last night he filled me in on the fencing controversy. I have also seen lots of headlines on gymnastics. I want to follow the marathon and some track events, but I’m traveling this weekend and watching a tv just ain’t on my mind when I only have two days in Estonia!

What have you been watching? Any Olympic updates I should know about?

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Fire, Fire, Sunset

Happy Monday!

I’m settled into my evening that arrived after a long and productive Monday. I hope your Monday is treating you half as well as mine. Sicily never ceases to amaze me. This weekend I enjoyed an incredibly professional, multi-course, gourmet, local dinner at the agriturismo Murgo. It is so close to our house that I actually ran within a half mile of it on my twelve mile run last weekend.

We dined al fresco under vines full of ripening grapes. We celebrated a group of wonderful colleagues from WWC (Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, my employer). Not only did the meal, company and setting blow me away, but the hard-working staff did, too! They were cheerful, running a serious service game, and gracious as all get out. Mind you, we were dripping sweat in the 8pm evening heat at the get go. Our head server cooly appeared just when we needed him, and I only once saw sweat beaded on his brow.

With no real segue from that night to this, I’m going to roll right into the photo feature of this blogpost, with two fires and a sunset. The fires are quick iphone shots as I approached our village this evening. The flames eventually leapt high enough to climb above the treetops in between our home and the fire. Meanwhile, Mt. Etna basked in the waning sunlight…

I could feel the heat on the left side of my face as I drove past the fire!

Gentle giant, the beautiful Mt. Etna.

What did you do this weekend? Did anything somewhat ordinary blow you away with extraordinary attention to detail?


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Olympic Fever!

Schedule and Results.


Four Olympic athletes from Alaska or with strong ties to Alaska. (Only four? I guess Winter Olympics are more of a strong suit for Alaskans…)
Get it!

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Speaking of nerds.

To this brave woman, I have this to say, “Fuck Yea!”

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I love nerds.




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A twelve mile run in Six.

After a 1.25 mile climb; the big pay-off.

I am not the only living creature seeking the sun that morning.

“F.lli Scalzo” are the Scalzo Brothers – reminds me of my great-aunt and great-uncle Scalzo!

This view does absolutely zero justice to the climb I endured, it felt like a 45 degree angle. To my dearly departed (from Sicily) friend Sara – I blame YOU for my recent affinity for making such climbs!

An unusual and simply gorgeous blossom; I ran by this twice, both times I simply melted at the beauty of them.

Post-run bounty! As I came in the gate, my elderly neighbor emerged from the gardens alongside our area. We have developed a Saturday ritual! He is always offering me fruits and vegetables, but we’ve had some communication issues. This day, I asked “Cuando?!” (When?). He replied, “Adesso!” (Now!) – Thus, I ended up with a shirtfull of glorious pomodori (tomatoes). It doesn’t get more local than this!


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“I’m the pah-ty poop-uh”

A special day.

Today is the day for celebrating my birth! Yay! As part of my celebration, I am re-watching a childhood favorite and 80s classic, Kindergarten Cop!

Kindergarten Cop is wonderful, not only for the warm fuzzy memories of watching it with my brother and sister, but also for the hilarious punch lines it offered into adulthood.

Additionally, it has some strong female characters. Though they are given short shrift here and there, Crisp’s mother, Schwarzenegger’s cop side kick, and Dominick’s mother are all interesting and layered characters. They are actual people, as opposed to many of the lame female characters peppered into junk movies these days (see: Iron Man series). Ah, yes, the sturdy principle, though she is grounded in the “love for children” role that is a limited role for women. Granted, as my descriptions show, they are all dependent on the male character grounding them to the movie’s plot, yet at least they have some depth.

Kindergarten Cop would probably fail the Bechdel Test:

As far as enjoying the ironies of Kindergarten Cop, I have to tell you that I am not alone. There is a famous (infamous?) series of prank calls using lines from the movie. I thought this was from the Jerky Boys, that infamous group of prank callers, but I couldn’t find it by searching that way. Instead, here is a call reminiscent of those I remember giggling at sometime in the 90s. I hope you enjoy it!

More recently, the Criterion Collection made a Kindergarten Cop joke, too. And another playful Criterion Collection bit based on Kindergarten Cop is here.

Here is another fun newer rip on the Kindergarten Cop lines.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have distinct reservations about promoting work of somebody I fear is a philandering idiot; however, we all have our shiny baubles and our huge embarrassing failures. I’m focusing on shiny baubles today, and that allows full unadulterated enjoyment of this silly movie. Hope you have some shiny baubles in your day, too!


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Crate and Barrel, minus the crate, add another barrel

After my lovely 12-mile run through nearby Mt. Etna villages on Saturday, I was planning to share a few favorite photos with you. However, we had a wine barrel delivery and we had to pick up our wine barrels after work.

Additionally, this morning we had a true thunderstorm, and the power at the gym was out, so I put my run into the evening instead of knocking it out this morning. The thunderstorm brought a nice cool breeze to what is typically a searing sun in the late afternoon in Sicily. Dave and I tooled around a quick three-mile loop and then headed to my colleague’s house to pick up the wine barrels.

Melissa had the grand idea to decorate with wine barrels, and in order to convince Gambino winery to deliver them, she put together a group of friends and neighbors who wanted to decorate with wine barrels, too – or make stuff out of them, or do mysterious things with them that I won’t mention here. In any case, she pulled it off and for a quick 90 Euro each, the wine barrels were ours!

It is like the Element was designed to carry two wine barrels, they fit perfectly without many inches to spare!

Here’s the view from inside, there’s Melissa & Dave! Ciao!

We’re using our imagination with a countertop left over from another purchase, and we’re planning to make a table on our terrace. Here are some other inventive uses,

Little did I know I was also making an investment in a rental item for weddings and parties – SIDE business calling! In any case, we lugged them home and are plotting our decor. Buona notte!


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It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!

We have Zelda!!!!!!!


We just finished dinner and now I have a delicious night of digging into Link’s latest adventure until I go to bed! It is a good thing I have a run scheduled for tomorrow morning, otherwise I might stay up all night playing it.

Happy Friday! What are you doing tonight?


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Taipei in Three




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