La Tana del Lupo

Last night we enjoyed a delicious dinner with a smart and witty group of friends.


La Tana del Lupo (“The Den of the Wolf”) is a tipico Sicilian restaurant in Pedara, with an outstanding antipasti spread, playful pastas, serious chile action where you most want it, and an Argentinian steak grilled to perfection and served on a heated tile to keep the steak warm while you eat.

The antipasti spread included involtini di melanzane (wrapped eggplant), a wide variety of fried cheese (!!!), sautéed zucchini with pomodoro e basilico, couscous, a sort of sautéed cabbage with wine-soaked raisins and pine nuts, and more. The house olive oil is perfectly earthy with a beautiful color and rich flavor, yet a clean finish.

Wine is served by the bottle, rather than a carafe of house wine that is offered in many Sicilian restaurants. We asked our server to select a nice red to accompany our meal and he knocked it out of the park. “Euno” by Casale Santa Ida completed our table perfectly.

“La Tana del Lupo”
di Giuseppe Borzi
Corso Ara di Giove 138

After dinner, Sara (of Ironman cheering earlier this month) and I ha an impromptu photobooth session.




Sara is on the verge of returning to the US. This is the way it is in a military life: you find a witty, fun, cat-lady friend who just ups and leaves one day. As the Canadian French say, “c’est la vie!”



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2 responses to “La Tana del Lupo

  1. Awww, you’re the best. I’ll miss you guys ;(

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