Italia, Italy, Soccer, Futbal, Calcio, you said it!

For those of you just tuning in (like me), the European Cup Championships are taking place in…uh…Europe right now.

Italy is one step away from the finals and they are playing Germany RIGHT NOW!

I am finishing up my work, Dave has the game on…along with ALL of our neighbors and most of the country. Several of the men in my office discuss soccer the way I discuss the Supreme Court of the United States (which just pulled off a beautiful decision in the 12th hour, last second, final inning, other sports metaphors…).

Italy pulled ahead with a header goal!

We shall see what the outcome is…Viva Italia!


Update: Italy scored again before the end of the first half! Italy 2, Germany 0 Woot!!!

Final Update: Italy wins! 2-1. Final championship game on Sunday July 1st, Italy v. Spain



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4 responses to “Italia, Italy, Soccer, Futbal, Calcio, you said it!

  1. Everyone in England is watching the game as well! I was also preoccupied reading about the Obamacare victory 🙂

  2. I only know this is going on because I watch Wimbledon religiously and the commentators keep mentioning the soccer. I think Nadal stayed up too late watching Spain and that’s why he lost in the second round.

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