Congratulations T & D!

Our friends T & D celebrated their wedding while we were back in the states. In fact, their ceremony and reception were the anchor for our trip to the U.S. It was a beautifully planned and executed ceremony with a mid-size guest list (about 100). The guests were all close friends and family, which numbered many due to the witty, generous and compassionate people T and D are.

The location was a Carnegie Building, which they decorated with designs made from recycled materials and crafted by D’s sister. Each table was adorned with the usual red wine, white wine, tablecloth, etc; T & D included a bottle of cava at each table and a homemade pie. That’s right people, thirteen different varieties of pie were served.

Guests were encouraged to circulate and mingle while tasting the wide variety of pies. Strawberry rhubarb drew in our crowd of friends, and the mixed berry vegan pie was among my favorites; though I don’t typically get into creme pies, the chocolate creme pie was also divine.

It was a treat to create new memories with T & D, to meet their friends and family, and to touch base with friends we share in common.

In the end, however, the content of the ceremony touched me the most. The thoughtfulness that went into each word uttered was apparent as most speakers verged on tears at some point in his or her presentation. T & D gave solemn, caring, and intentional vows, perfectly accented with touches of humor. Love was in the air!

With T & D’s encouragement, we joined other guests in reclaiming bits of the decorations to take home with us. I put them up this week and look forward to enjoying the reminder of the love and friendship I experienced at the wedding.

*Windchime is mine.

Congratulations T & D! May your marriage be long, rewarding and loving!


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2 responses to “Congratulations T & D!

  1. That’s really sweet! For some reason I never know anyone who gets married so I never get invited to weddings!

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