Cheeseheads Rock!

Before leaving for the U.S. a few weeks ago, my colleague Teresa asked me to bring her something from Wisconsin. Not to be outdone, my colleague Tomas piped up, “I want a cheesehead!”

I told him that he already had a cheesehead in the office, ME!

I’m proud of my Wisconsin heritage and have a deep love for the state that raised me. However, given my Midwestern sensibility and my Wisconsin love for equality among peers (just ignore Scott Walker on this one), as well as the Wisconsin compulsion to please people, I ended up bringing back something for the whole office to share…

A Cheesehead party hat!

Tomas modeling the Cheesehead party hat

To explain why a cheesehead party hat was the perfect office gift from Wisconsin, let me tell you a couple of fun FLC Sigonella Supply Management office facts. Our office has a few oddities, such as a full size disco ball in our common area, and a cupboard full of party hats.

We like to have fun there, hence the amazing pot lucks! I have seen the party hats worn, and a pot luck visitor once arrived in a full size sombrero.

Today I revealed the cheesehead party hat and Tomas modeled it with his usual classy style.

Tomas with Armando and Domenico

My other colleagues were in awe of the hat. Domenico likened it to a brain on cocaine, hollowed out like Swiss cheese…

“uh, what?”

Yea, that’s what I said, too.

Then, I said, “No, Domenico. Cheeseheads are awesome. They have nothing to do with cocaine.”

Yay, Wisconsin!



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3 responses to “Cheeseheads Rock!

  1. Oh yea, I also started singing “Cheeseheads Rock!” to the Drew Carey theme song “Cleveland Rocks!” (just switched the ‘s’ placement)…and I’m now crafting modified lyrics…such a fun game.

  2. Hahahaha I love the cheesehead hat!

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