Gli Fichi! Figs!

Today, my colleague Armando brought early figs from his home garden. I visited his home earlier this spring for a Sicilian BBQ and I can vouch for his garden. Gardens, I should say. He has several terraces of cultivation behind his Mt. Etna sloped villa.

The flavor of these figs merely hinted at the sweetness they will produce in a few weeks. Armando counseled that these figs are perfect for making marmalade!


Gli fichi means “the figs” in Italian. Say “gli” with that tongue caught in the back of your throat, not like the “Glee” television program.


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3 responses to “Gli Fichi! Figs!

  1. Sharon

    The fig jam I had from the store does taste good. Can’t imagine what fresh fig jam would taste like. I would guess – better.

    • I haven’t had any either, and I’m going to agree with your guess…although it probably depends on the recipe, too.

      With all the fresh food here, I have learned that a bad cook can’t wreck frozen food (as evidenced by Olive Garden’s consistent mediocrity), but a bad cook CAN ruin fresh food…or at least make it merely edible.

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