Whipped Cream is Universal

Well, at least it is both foreign and domestic.

Lookie what I found in the dairy case at our local grocer…

Panna = cream. Remember that the next time you see “panna cotta” on the dessert menu. When done right, panna cotta (‘cooked cream’) is a taste and texture sensation. You’ll know it is done right if it jiggles around like a boob on the plate when the server carries it to your table. Yep, I just made that comparison.

Panna cotta should not be confused with panna SPRAY!

Yes, of course I bought some…well, I mean, I will buy some if you come visit me and give me a reason to make a Jell-o dessert worthy of Panna Spray.

That open invitation is intended to reach wide and far, but most particularly this invite is aimed at Ashley S – get out of Miami and get to Italia, pronto!



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2 responses to “Whipped Cream is Universal

  1. Ashley

    Oh Jilly, we are coming. Determining when is the hard. My sister’s wedding is 9/22 so we are thinking late Sept/early Oct. How’s that for the Warnings? I’ll keep you posted. =)

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