Women on Subs – not an S&M discussion.

I am so proud to post this article: Women Chart a New Course Onboard US Navy Submarines.

What a time to be part of the U.S. military family – first DADT is repealed in September, now women are breaking barriers in the Navy by serving on submarines! I am proud to see the progress in the U.S. military. Women have already been serving on subs in other nations’ militaries, but that didn’t stop the negative chatter on the comment section of articles I read as the groundwork was laid for the US Navy’s recent initiative to become reality.

Norway led the way in 1985. Denmark, Sweden, Australia, Canada and Spain followed suit not long after Norway. Twenty-five (ish) years later – the U.S. is on board!

The article features a woman from…WISCONSIN! What a great pioneer. “Forward” is Wisconsin’s motto and Lieutenant Britta W. Christianson is leading the charge:

“After serving in the Navy onboard a Guided Missile Destroyer for more than 2 years, she volunteered for duty in Afghanistan, where she served in an important logistics and fueling leadership role with the Afghan National Police (ANP) as part of the NATO Training Mission. While deployed, she applied to the Navy Submarine Program, was accepted, and then reported to the USS OHIO, a Guided Missile Submarine, as the Supply Officer. Lt. Christianson is in charge of all the logistics that keep a submarine going — maintaining supplies, keeping spare parts moving and feeding the crew — hard at work, 24 hours a day. She has already completed one full deployment on OHIO and is the first woman to qualify Diving Officer of the Watch (DOOW).”



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  1. I actually didn’t know women couldn’t serve on subs. I find this shocking! It used to break my heart reading stories about military members being discharged due to their sexuality. I think in a few short years the whole gay rights issue/question will simply be an embarrassment of the past, like the question of civil rights. It seems like we’re making big strides recently!

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