Mr. Cheeseburger Face Man

Or is it “Mr. Cheeseburger Head Man”???

Cheeseburger FACE?


Cheeseburger HEAD?

That is the question.

No matter your answer, if you see this symbol whilst traipsing about Taiwan, you can feel secure that should you stop by for breakfast, brunch or lunch, you will enjoy traditional Taiwanese food, freshly prepared, served in a Western style format familiar to you, at low cost.

Here is another picture with poor lighting. Practice glancing at this quickly before you leave for Taiwan, that way you’ll always be able to spot Mr. Cheeseburger Head Man (JSP) as you are walking down the average Taiwanese street. Streets are filled with a lot of other neato things to look at, plus traffic, scooters, and people, so you might be distracted. And, let’s face it, you don’t want to be so distracted you miss Mr. Cheeseburger Face Man.

If you insist that it is Mr. Cheeseburger Face Man, then you are probably adventurous enough to try this.

I saw these jiggly white patties getting crispy on a griddle in Hualien and just had to try them. Maddie and I mistakenly thought it was some variety of tofu, so Maddie asked for tofu. The two women working the breakfast shop in Hualien looked at us with very confused faces. Maddie was speaking in Chinese, so we thought maybe she hadn’t gotten the tones quite right (each vowel sound has four or five tones that completely change the way the word is understood). Maddie then showed them the kanji characters from her handy phrasebook, and the confused faces stayed right in place. Then Maddie and I were confused! Instead of using words, Maddie walked over and pointed at the cake on the griddle and the cook added it to my breakfast sandwich.

This version was at Mr. Cheeseburger Head Man in Taipei, a hop, skip and a jump from Maddie’s apartment. The mysterious cake is made of turnips or white radishes and it is delicious.

Why yes, that IS a plastic sheath covering a plastic plate.

The crispy edge from sitting on the griddle gives texture points and flavor points to the otherwise flat flavor of the cake. The oil on the griddle probably helps a lot. The flatness of the flavor was hopefully due to the high ratio of turnip to “other” ingredients in the cake. I do not know what those other ingredients might be, but fillers are rarely good for you. The texture of the cake itself was a gelatinous cake. It was not so gelatinous to be Jello-like, and not so gooey as to be cupcake batter, somewhere perfectly in the middle. It got a little boring at the end of the serving pictured above, but when it was served in the middle of a hamburger bun with fillings, an egg and homemade tomato-vinegar sauce, as pictured below, it was delightful!

Listen to Mr. Cheeseburger Head Man and “Just Start a Powerful Day!”


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