Ninkasi & Jonathan Wakuda Fischer

This weekend, Dave and I had a skype date with Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, the artist who will be installing a mural in our home this autumn. I mentioned him previously, when he was working on another project in Seattle, where he is based.

During our conversation, Jonathan asked “Are you familiar with Ninkasi beer?”

Dave and I excitedly looked at one another. You could say that Ninkasi was a way of life for us when we lived in the Pacific Northwest. For those of you unfamiliar with microbreweries in the Pacific Northwest, oftentimes they are bottling beer in 22-ounce bottles for retail sale. I’m sure they have a name for this size bottle, but we never learned what it was. Wikipedia tells me they are called “large bottles.” How clever. Colloquially, they are called “bombers” – well, that’s a little better, but I try to avoid nicknames based on violence, so I’ll stick with the non-name practice I have going.

Ninkasi large beers are widely sold in the Seattle metropolitan area and we happily scooped up bottle after bottle. They were just the right size for sharing…or not, depending on the night. We both appreciated the crisp, hoppy flavors that Ninkasi produces in their IPAs. They craft other types of beer, many of which we tried, but we always seemed to come back to the Total Domination IPA.

We had come from the Midwest, where Bell’s Brewery out of Michigan was our craft beer of choice. Particularly, their Two-Hearted Ale is a bitter slap in the tastebuds that is an absolute delight!

This line of thinking brings the Capital Brewery, Great Dane Pub, Ale Asylum, and the joy of living in Madison to mind. Just thinking about these beers makes my mouth water and brings many a long-winded story to mind.

Instead of tripping down that rabbit hole, I’m gonna bring it back to Ninkasi and Jonathan Wakuda Fischer.

After the elongated pause from Dave and I, Jonathan repeated his question, “Have you heard of Ninkasi brewery?”

This time, Dave and I stumbled over ourselves and each other to rave about Ninkasi and how much we love their beer. Dave even visited the brewery in Eugene, Oregon and brought back paraphernalia (really, I just don’t get to use that word often enough!). Bouncing along with our enthusiasm, Jonathan informed us that he was on his way to finish an installation for a Ninkasi tasting room in Seattle!

Today, it’s done.

Check it out here…

Here is a close-up of the trompe l’oeil rug.

Mmmmm…happy sipping, Seattle.



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2 responses to “Ninkasi & Jonathan Wakuda Fischer

  1. Wow! I love that tasting room. It almost makes me want to drink beer.

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