Military Spouse Appreciation Day!


While I was galavanting in Taiwan, the military was busy appreciating me.

Yesterday, while sifting through my work emails, I came across these lovely sentiments.

“Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 7:58 AM
Subject: Military Spouse Appreciation Day

From the Chief of Naval Operations (NAVADMIN 158/12):

As we observe Military Spouse Appreciation Day on 11 May this year, we
honor the military spouses who have selflessly served alongside their
active-duty husbands and wives. They keep our families “on course and
speed,” and their support enables us to focus on the mission at hand – to be
ready and to operate forward around the world. By their devotion and
strength, we remain the greatest navy this world has ever known.

On Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we acknowledge the demands on our
families. There is an inscription on one of the 26 bronze relief sculptures
at the Navy Memorial in Washington, DC that accurately states: “The Navy
Family: They Who Wait Also Serve.” We all know that when Sailors go to
sea, the challenges at home continue, and our military spouses bear the
burden each day in support of their loved ones and in service to their
nation. We thank our husbands and wives for their constant patience and
steadfast understanding as they often face the challenges at home or
celebrate life events without us. Though they may not wear the uniform – it
is their honor, courage, and commitment that sustains us.

Please take the time on 11 May to show our spouses how much we
appreciate them. That special day symbolizes the honor and respect we hold
throughout the year for our spouses and the many contributions they make
each day to our Navy and our Nation. Thank you for your service.

Released by Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations.”

What a warm welcome back into the fold. Without knowing it, Dave celebrated Military Spouse Appreciation Day when he bought me a lovely pair of earrings while he was on work travel in Greece. Yes, that is our life right now. Dave was too busy going to Greece for work to join me on the trip to Taiwan.

I can honestly say I have dreamed about having such problems, but never thought they would play out like this. We enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon together when I returned from Taiwan. Then, Monday morning, I took him to the airport again. We’ll repeat this routine next week, too.

I am not deliberately laying the groundwork to urge your appreciate of my military spousitude, it just happened naturally.

Mark your calendars for 2013 – May 11th is Military Spouse Appreciation Day!


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