Photo Montage, You Had to Be There

Part V of this five part series wraps with a silly photo, a photo that captures a truly happy moment with Dave, a solitary moment of happiness and contentment, and a one-two punch of a flag blowing in the breeze. I love watching flags whip around on the back of ships and boats. If you look at these photos and find your eyes squinting and your face scrunching up as you think, “Really? That photo?” – just know that, well, You Had to Be There.

I like to kick, stretch and kick, and that’s what I was doing here…

Just after settling into our abode, Dave and I made our way to Zafferana to meet up with his colleague at the Ottobrata festival. It was a great day.

Dave was shipped back to the U.S. before we had even established ourselves in our permanent abode. Left to my own devices, I crossed the interior of Sicily to the northwestern coast and enjoyed a gelato festival in Cefalù. While there, I also wandered down an alleyway to the seawall and enjoyed myself at this perch. Happiness and contentment were mine.

Whipping in the wind, a one-two punch.

That’s all for the Photo Montage, I’m wrapping up my time in Taiwan and will trickle anecdotes and photos into the blog in the upcoming weeks. Happy Friday and Have a great weekend!!!


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One response to “Photo Montage, You Had to Be There

  1. Sharon

    I enjoyed your pictures this week, remembered seeing some of them previously and still enjoyed. Happy flying.

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