Photo Montage, Sundries

Part III in the five part photo series this week shows an oddball collection of experiences that I will always remember about my first months in Sicily.

The elevators that attach to balconies blew my mind. That is my couch coming up here!

Best egg delight dish ever, with hashbrowns, arugula and bloody mary. Dave’s a wonderful cook and his breakfasts are my favorite way to start any Saturday.

Traversing a short bit of bouldering during the ropes course at Parco Avventura Etna. Dave really caught my fear of falling in my face. I was harnessed in and everything, but my stomach was still churning as I made my moves.

Among my other fears associated with moving to Sicily was the fear that I wouldn’t get a job, or that it would take me two out of our three years here to find a job. My early networking efforts (think mid-April in Seattle) paid off when I landed a spot with contractor Wittenberg Weiner LLC. Code 400 at the NAVSUP FLC Sigonella has THE BEST pot lucks and this was one of the best – to celebrate the winter holidays – solstice, Christmas and the like.

Another moment of absolute natural beauty that has stuck with me was in the Aeolian Islands. Kayaking around Lipari was my particular favorite, but I did not bring my camera on that part of the trip. This photo was taken from the ferry as we island hopped to Lipari. The stillness and serenity of the islands radiate out of this picture every time I look at it.


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