Cinquecento Old School

Boo-yah 5-100!

Uno (1). Rocking the morning with a 4-mile run; halfway into a strong wind, and half with it on my side/at-my-back. A great way to start the morning.

Due (2). Still feeling the soft feet, soothed muscles, and general relaxation from a visit to Shalai spa in Lingualossa over the weekend. (Say it three times, Lingualossa, Lingualossa, Lingualossa…so smooth). Yes, the center door is the entrance to the magical world of Shalai. I had an amazing spa, a relaxation massage (on a water table board), and a nice pedicure. Then, I had the BEST meal I’ve eaten in Sicily. I will return soon to do a full fledged foodie piece on the dining experience. Service was superb!


Tre (3). Reveling in the high spirits that come from working with an amazing group of people. Often times at work, my tasks remain within my office, and I don’t interact every day with my contractor colleagues…but we have a great time when we get together. Giggles, giggles, and more giggles. “I think I’m crying!” followed the giggles. Good times.

Quattro (4). Realizing how f**ing wonderfully amazing it is to start the week organizing a trip to Winery A (with world renown wines) and re-align in order to organize a trip to Winery B (with world renown wines), all because of an hour of driving time. Hey, Sicily is a great place to live!

Cinque (5). Sharing a special moment with Dave at the end of the day.


Recently, I have been teenagey angsty. Much of my discomfort can be attributed to final adjustments of settling into the commute, the monotony of any job, and … – who knows? To gain perspective, I tried to share my truth over and over. Some ways were more direct (“I hate today”), and other days were just expressive (“I’m not myself”). Although I strive toward a high level of self-awareness, I still struggle to deal with such angst. Life is a beautiful mystery, and even at her most enigmatic, I can’t help but relish each moment I struggle in this world.


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5 responses to “Cinquecento Old School

  1. I feel exactly the same way – I always strive toward a high level of self-awareness. I have a Vonnegut quote that relates to this, but I can’t remember the exact wording. Have you read “God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian”? It was something about how people fail to recognize when they are happy, and how his Uncle would be enjoying a nice summer day and say, “If this isn’t nice, what is?” I loved that part of the book so much and think about that a lot, trying to cherish all the little nice moments in life because there are so many if you stop to notice them! I’ve been thinking about writing about this in a blog post, but haven’t gotten around to it yet …

    • Oh – I hope you do write a post about it. I love reading about how other people frame the world in order to find a way to survive with your soul intact.

      And, I haven’t read that book, I’ll put it on the list, thanks!

  2. I read this great little book that summarized research on happiness. It sort of confirmed what I’ve gleaned through common sense– happiness is a lot about our own attitude. So I try to keep my sense of humor about me, because it’s all that stops me from saying “I hate today” many days.

    • I agree!

      Also, once I came to a similar realization, I started to see that there is so much to laugh at in this life!

      I admit that I forget this attitude completely from time to time and find myself in a funk, but it lasts a shorter amount of time and that feels good.

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