Oh carp.

As an ambitious woman, I am always looking ahead, gauging the energy I have on hand to move to the next level, and then making a plan to get there.

After over a year of “under-employment,” and with dismal rumors of a dearth of jobs on base, I was thrilled to land my contracted position at NAVSUP FLCSI. (Do you remember the acronyms? Don’t worry, it took me the first two months to really remember what that stood for). I work with bright people who enjoy witty banter, activity, and the thrills of living in a foreign culture. The work is keeping me busy, and some activities keep me sharper than others, but overall it is a great position.

However, then I read an article like this one, which says I should be doing what I want to do “when I grow up.” Well, that comment is actually directed at a military spouse who is staying home with children. For today’s activity, let’s pretend that my six-figure law school loans are my children, and “staying home” to care for them is actually “taking work” to meet my minimum payments.

The article, like all the other publications I have read about what to do until you land a job in your desired field, advises me to do in my free time (which it refers to as “volunteer”) that which I want to do for my job. This is where the carp comes in. I want to work 50% outside (maybe studying carp?), and 50% behind a desk. I want to write (ooh, well, at least I’m doing that!!! bonus points), preferably a mix of creative and serious writing (lose points for seriousness). I am passionate about issues and causes and I am not fulfilled when I am completely immersed in an alternate reality. My upbringing and socialization molded a community-minded activist out of the clay I started as, and I am loathe to give it up.

To this end, I will be reworking the blog for our second year of Sicily. Changes won’t arrive soon, though you should voice your preferences loudly and often until changes roll in. Thanks for tagging along for the adventure – the blog has already been a great way for me to keep in touch with numerous family and friends, make a few new friends, and preserve a photo journal of our time here.



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5 responses to “Oh carp.

  1. What kind of changes are you thinking? I’ve been thinking for a long while about self hosting, but I’m scared! I think it would be better because I’d have more control over the code and could have ads and stuff … but I’m still scared! Or were you thinking changes in content?

  2. Jenni

    One of my friends from school and I have talked about this eclectic mix of employment…she calls it a “Portfolio Career”. I have adopted the term and use it as part of my vision for the future. Luv u!!

  3. I love your blog as it is, but I’m sure whatever you write about will be interesting. Do you plan on doing less personal posts? I’m nosy, so I hope you mix the issues/causes with the lovely insights you have been providing throughout your journey (I want to slap myself for using that word in the context of personal growth).

    • I know what you mean about using “journey” but it is such a great word. I cringe half the time I write it, too, but I actually use it a lot.

      I’m not sure where the content will go. I just know I want to dig into writing more, without losing the easygoing attitude I try to bring to the blog. So I am looking for more of a balance, maybe 1 more serious post a week.

      I have a pretty intense travel schedule until July, so I’ve identified July as the month I’m going to hash all this out. I’ve actually been looking at your blog for the writing groups/prompts you take part in for ideas!

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