Princess Poopy-pants

Tonight, we had dinner with a new couple and their daughter, who I hope become our friends – they are lovely, funny, and super-duper intelligent. A great combo.

The best exchange of the night went a little something like this.

Little T (4-year-old daughter): I wish I had a REAL magic wand.

Jill: What would you do with a REAL magic wand?

Little T: (with a knowingly devilish grin)

I would

(looks around to make sure everyone, including her parents, is listening)…

I would

(starts giggling to herself)

I wouldturnyouinto Princess Poopy-pants! (she squeaks out with a gleeful squeal)

I am not sure how I qualified to become Princess Poopy-pants, though I am honored to have earned it once the REAL magic wand appears. If I ever did become a princess, I really wouldn’t know where to start since The Princess Diaries made me barf whenever Julie Andrews was off screen (which was altogether too much). I am pretty sure this dazzling beauty with chola eyebrows could give me some great advice, I mean once she’s done working at the circus in Catania, of course.



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2 responses to “Princess Poopy-pants

  1. Ha ha!! Thanks for the laugh on my first morning back to work 🙂

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