Run Week: Seabee

The end of run week brings a familiar image that marks the end of my go-to running route on base – a Seabee sculpture (statue?). When I see this statue I am either stopping or my cool down or pushing for my last surge.


The statue’s inspiration is clear when you know that the technical term “Seabee” arose from the command’s title “Construction Battalion” (CB). This command is full of up and coming mechanics, engineers and all around smart and handy women and men. They also have the best mascot in the entire history of military mascots.

Yesterday, with my love of running abuzz from Run Week, I achieved my fastest repeats ever! There’s nothing better than reaching for a previously unthinkable goal, struggling along the way and finding yourself capable of even more than you had hoped for.


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One response to “Run Week: Seabee

  1. Holla back, youngin’, with those repeats!!

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