When you fall off a horse…

…think about buying a bike?

…dust yourself off and check for broken bones?

…try, try again?

Or…return to the format that carried me through those first six months. As much as I am really thrilled to see my page visits rise, or hear comments from my followers, I really just like talking about what’s going on and revisiting the highlights of the day always gives some perspective. So, this is the “cento” intro to my Cinque Highlights, not too Sicilian, though each has a special Sicilian twist.


Uno. Finishing my book – The Girls of Ames, by Jeffrey Zaslow. Beautiful story, delightful exposition, heartfelt intention – all the more bittersweet because the author/journalist recently died in an automobile accident. I discovered it while exploring my friendship post. As I finished the book this morning before my alarm went off, I crawled out of bed and stared at the sun hitting the mountain. Mt. Etna is still snow-covered and the sun really reflected off of the peak, creating a glow. There was still early morning mist obscuring the underlying rock, so the peak seemed to be floating above the underlying greenery and mountain suburbs.

Due. A great running workout! I don’t normally run to music, but this morning I did and KT Tunstall and Lady Gaga rocked my morning as the sunshine blinded me at turns. It was a glorious morning! Yes, it is that Sicilian sunshine rocking my world again. The morning temps hint that winter is not completely behind us, but the brilliant sun promises a long and hot summer.

Tre. Dental appointment. Yes, I was nervous – I hate going to a NEW dentist and with all the moving around I have done lately, I have had a new dentist every time I get insurance or splurge for a cleaning. I bonded with the x-ray technician (so awesome!), passed the oral exam (oral! LOL – Monica, I hope you chuckled), and then the hygienist inverted the chair at a negative 45 degree angle, leaving me woozy and slightly nauseated for the next hour. This is still a highlight of the day because my teeth are SOoooooo clean! This is Sigonella Sicily – the U.S. influence…mixed with a foreign national flair. The hygienist is an Italian Foreign National (that’s what they call a Sicilian who works on the U.S. military base). He was incredibly thorough, professional, and kind.

Quattro. The hilariously sharp wit of my colleague. It is rare that I am prompted to laugh out loud by a work email, though I did so this afternoon. In the midst of the funky office vibe, that laugh was a welcome reprieve. Although this colleague is not Sicilian, she is definitely imprinted on my foundation of Sicilian memories and she shapes and sharpens my outlook on the life here.

Cinque. Picking up Dave from the airport! Yay – the prodigal husband returns…er…wait, that is what Dave would say. The man who loves me returns! Yay! The Sicilian spin is the airport itself. It was a fuckshow. They are re-paving some short-term parking lots, which creates a dearth of available parking for those of us picking someone up. “Just use the curbside?” – Guess again, that lane is only for taxis and buses at the Catania airport. “Try to pick him up from the Departures curbside area!” – Yes, another brilliant idea…that about 50% of the Sicilians also shared, hence the fuckshow. Eventually, I parked illegally and texted Dave to arrange a pick-up spot. That is the Sicilian style – blocking a lane of traffic and nobody honked at me, not even once!


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