Happy Women’s Day ~ Buona Festa della Donna

Like most people, I never expected to have mimosas at work. I know what you’re thinking…”Why not?” After all, I arrive at work in the morning, in need of some hair-of-the-dog, and let’s face it, a mimosa surely would loosen me up for the activities I have planned for the day. All I am lacking is the overworked, understaffed and underpaid warm and friendly brunch crew at cafes and restaurants the world over.

However, I really have a thing about not drinking at work. I mean, I have thought about mimosas at work, and I have certainly talked about mimosas (okay, it was actually margaritas) at work. And by “work” – I mean my current job. You can bet I expected mimosas at Dahlia Lounge (off hours – shout out to Brunch shift crew!). Yet, not even the floral arrangements Mo created at Dahlia pulled out of her ass at the last second, from the flower scraps at Pike’s Market could compete with the mimosa arrangement waiting for me at work this morning.

Armando’s Mimosas:

To my complete delight, my colleague Armando presented me this mimosa bouquet in honor of the “Festa della Donna.” This is Italy’s version of International Women’s Day – celebrated in isolated corners of the world the world over on March 8th. (Enough with the delete theme by now? I agree). I was tickled pink to find the tradition alive and well in Sicilia.

A local restaurant offered “Festa della Donna” specials, impromptu florists appeared on roadsides, and the beautiful and aromatic mimosas were everywhere! This website accredits Italian women with tending the growth of the Festa della Donna, though of course other seeds sprouted along the way. April showers bring May flowers, so let’s not quibble over the origins. Instead, let’s focus on the blossoming of this event across the world.

Thank you to all the women who keep the fire in their hearts, bellies, and minds in the face of disproportionate opportunities available in this world (if that phrase turns you off, just take a breath and email me for the stats). Thank you for keeping your grit, for working harder and complaining less, and for continuing to light the path for those who come behind you. Thank you for the women who pursue their dreams, break through cultural barriers, and never stop believing that you can listen to your inner voice and still achieve your goals. And, especially to all the women like me who are still figuring out how to watch your garden grow while keeping the marigolds all in a row – Happy Women’s Day!


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3 responses to “Happy Women’s Day ~ Buona Festa della Donna

  1. I had never heard of International Women’s Day until my study abroad semester in 1994. I interned at the European Parliament and each country in the EU developed their own poster commemorating the day. I took a bunch of them and actually still have some.

    I never heard about the day again until this year. The Italian way to celebrate seems nice. What a lovely surprise from your coworker!

    We had brownies at work today to celebrate my colleagues’ birthday, and she tried to convince us they created the holiday in honor of her birth. Hmmm….

    • You must share photos of those posters!!! That sounds so awesome and now I am really envious of your internship. How is it again that you are so smart, worked hard and got a great job, have lots of interesting experiences, and yet you sound as if your yearning for more career/life satisfaction is powerful and throbbing like an ambitious undergrad? Ambitious! That gets added to your list.

      I really admire you, and learning more about you gives me a lot of perspective about not kidding myself that a better job is a panacea for my own lack of satisfaction. Stability in one job has brought me significant levels of joy, but aside from that, I am searching still…

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