I’d rather be hated…in Milano,

…than be loved in _____(fill in the blank)Siberia?_____!

Ciao tutti!

The other weekend, Dave and I flew up to Milano (Milan) for an early spring weekend. Little did we know it was also FASHION WEEK in Milano. Although I was mistaken for a model several times, I didn’t let it go to my head. Wait, maybe those papparazzi were chasing someone else…

In any case, it was an interesting twist to the lovely city of Milan. Though I had heard lackluster reviews of Milan, including the disdainful tone that it isn’t a very “Italian” city, I truly enjoyed my time there and hope to return next spring.

The impetus for our visit was the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Dave and I both competed in this competition during law school and in 2010, Dave judged competition rounds at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. This year, he judged the Italian national rounds, hosted by Cleary Gottlieb in Milan.

After the international law hoopla, we were free to roam the city, bum around on the metro and tram, scramble around the rooftop terrace of the Duomo, and stumble across two bustling organic restaurants. The first organic visit was hearty and on the “healthy-tasting” side of the organic experience. The second, Bottegas, was incredibly flavorful and also vegetarian.

Bottegas has been operational for about one year and according to the staff member who helped us out, Bottegas is a co-op where most of the employees have paid in and are performing work duties without receiving wages. Those employees receiving “wages” are given a “stipend” that is aimed at helping them re-enter society for one reason or another. This is totally the type of place I would support even if it didn’t have the best beer I have had in Europe AND amazingly delicious organic vegetarian food.

Via Colletta, 31 Milano
tel. 02 89764376
e.mail info@bottegas.it

Yes! Yummy, delicious beer. An amber and an IPA!

(Loose translation) “I prefer to be hated for something that I am, rather than to be loved for something that I am not.”

Glug, glug…

Ah! Refreshingly artisanal.

Velvet carrot and zenzero (ginger) soup.

Served tepid with a slight chill remaining, rich and thick with plenty of flavor.

The dining area had great natural light, with a book sharing shelf, and local art on the walls.

Dave was there, too.

We also had seaweed salad, or alghe as they say in Italian.

Dave’s plate came together, onion frittata, roasted radicchio (small purple cabbage) and delicate lemony rice.

We intended to eat slowly and save room for the lovely desserts, but this healthy and hearty meal filled us up.

After we left Bottegas, we took a tram to Navigliana canal area and wandered about in the early spring sunshine until we just couldn’t stand, but also couldn’t stand to go inside. We settled into a sidewalk cafe booth and whiled away the warm afternoon with a couple of good books, a few glasses of wine, and a newly formed affection for the city of Milano.


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2 responses to “I’d rather be hated…in Milano,

  1. Oh my goodness, I used to live in Milano, the Navigli area is so lovely. I absolutely loved walking around there. Btw one of the only areas I actually loved there…:)

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