New Ships Bound for Rota

Although this is years away, there is some excitement over a recent announcement that four ships will transfer their home-ports to Rota, Spain. Rota has a Navy base that is within the same region as we are here in Sigonella. This means that more families will be living in Rota while their sailor sponsor is at sea.

This news is probably boring to most people who follow the blog, and it would have been pretty boring to me as recently as one year ago. Not only my proximity to Rota raises my interest level, my direct contact with Rota through my job lends to my excitement. Job security plays a role, as well as a general interest in workplace gossip. Who doesn’t like a little drama from time to time?

Speaking of workplace drama, check out this funny clip. The moves we make for a taste of job security…



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2 responses to “New Ships Bound for Rota

  1. Oh my goodness I love Michael Bolton. I love that entire movie from beginning to end! I love reading about the military lifestyle on your blog because that’s how I grew up, and even though I’m not apart of that anymore it’s still nice to read about others’ experiences!

  2. I love Office Space, too!

    The military thing is an interesting spin on this life…

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