Snuggling up


As a child, I used to want to save everything. I would say that I was a “natural pack rat,” but as I look back, the evidence points to nurture rather than nature on this one. My maternal grandfather was a farmer and had plenty of space where he could store odds and ends that would inevitably come in handy “one day.” As he and my grandmother scaled back to move into town, he whittled his collection down to an amount that would fit in a single car garage. Yet, he continued to regularly attend auctions and buy up the “valuables” he saw others passing over. Grandpa Becker’s garage was full of delights and he enjoyed spending time out there.

Next, my paternal grandmother, the aforementioned Grandma Smith, was not so much a collector in the sense that she sought out additions to her household. She was more of a collector in the sense that she never really “cleaned out” a spot once she had put an item there. The same photos lined the shelves of her home most of my life, she was an avid reader, but the books on her shelves always seemed to stay the same – she read newspapers and magazines that are more appropriate to thrown away upon completion.

Mix this background with my mother’s keen conservation mandates (68 degrees was pretty much the hottest it got in our house), and capability to fix just about anything, and let’s just say that I have a hard time letting things go.

What does this have to do with snuggling up?

Not much, until Blue Ribbon Quilts entered the picture. I am not as skilled as my mother, and while I love a good project, I was not about to take on the task of quilting my t-shirts and some favorite dresses into a quilt the way that Blue Ribbon Quilts offered to do for me…

Running a favorite Madison race, pretty dress, law school, another favorite Earth Day run in St. Cloud, Sound of Music t-shirt from high school musical…

Running, running, wedding t-shirt, Grandma Smith t-shirt.

Alaska, Mom, law school, FKH8, pretty dress…

Running, and the United Nations.

And now I can snuggle up under this lovely quilt with reminders of things that make me happy in life.



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7 responses to “Snuggling up

  1. Lisa Marie

    That is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen! How awesome – hang on to things old, but make it into something new, and most importantly, useful!!!

  2. Sharon

    You have done something beautiful, and are able to snuggle in with your memories.

  3. This is genius! Must investigate this further.

    I always like to say I’m “half a hoarder.” It’s partially from my Dad, who is a full hoarder. But I also have always had a nostalgia problem. It’s why I like writing memoir posts.

    But since I know how hard it is for me to get rid of something once it enters my home, I’m VERY picky about what enters my home. So I’m not so bad on the acquiring part of hoarding.

  4. Jill W

    I am trying to be picky about what cones into my house, too. And, I am planning a springtime purge once I have a nice weather weekend day in the next couple months. I have all sorts of binders and other office-type organizational items that are on target, but those items are so practical it is tough for me to chuck them, and they are not quite nice enough to donate (would kids even want them?).

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