Things I never thought I’d see in my driveway


Three things I never thought I would see…

My neighbors terrace couch in our driveway. The heavy winds blew it off of his terrace, it dropped four floors down to our driveway.

I also never thought I would see an umbrella ripped right off the patio table…poor Warren! Yes, the umbrella was torn completely off the stand by the wine. I mean, the wind. The wine is more involved in part II of this post.

Lastly, I never thought I would see the tempered glass of the patio table absolutely shattered. As Warren was out of town and I wanted to keep the glass shards from getting in the water drains, I swept up the damage and could not identify the culprit. Perhaps it was the umbrella smashing into the table before the wind set it free?

Three things I never thought I would say about my Oscar party:

1. I read the major winners before I watched the program. Sigh. It’s true…I totally caved once I found out about #3, and I just went ahead and read the results in the news.
2. There were no ballots. The excitement level was severely mitigated by the time delay and I did not print ballots. Seriously, a 10-year tradition just died.
3. I never saw the awards program. Yes, that’s right, we recorded six hours of E! Red Carpet coverage (there was a lot of repetition), when we thought we were recording the Sky TV coverage of the Oscars. I have searched online in vain to find replays or even youtube clips of the show and all I’ve seen so far is Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech, which was great! Now, it is bedtime and my search for more video coverage will have to continue tomorrow.

UPDATE!!! At the last minute we found the replay of the Oscars on Sky TV (how smart of them to replay it in PrimeTime, what an oversight of mine not to look for it there). Sara – you are right, we had a great night!



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3 responses to “Things I never thought I’d see in my driveway

  1. i don’t know, i didn’t think our modified sicilian version of watching the oscars was a complete wash. sure, we had no ballots, a host who OD’d on botox and looked like a wax museum specimen…but! we had wine, two cats and snarky comments from two lawyers and a doctor.

    • I completely agree and updated the post to reflect as much.

      at first I thought you meant I had OD’d on botox (as “host” of our modest party) and I was so confused. The brow furrowing and wrinkles I could feel reminded me you were talking about Billy Crystal’s ridiculous forehead. I can’t believe there is a subset of our culture that thinks that looks good. Snark, snark.

  2. Holy crap! I’m so glad no one got squashed by flying couches.

    I’ve been neglectful of movie-going for awhile. The only movie I saw that was nominated for anything was the Muppets. But I watched a bit of the Oscars anyway.

    It’s not that I don’t like movies, but it’s so easy to wait and watch them on my couch! And I make better popcorn.

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