You’d better be-Liebster it!


Today’s post is hosted by my favorite blogging buddy, Maki!


In a lame move, I have waited over three months to respond to the generous, the gracious, The Liebster Blog award that The Wordy Thirties bestowed upon me late last year. Okay, she awarded me before Thanksgiving and I’m super lame for blaming the holidays and all that, so let’s just skip to the particulars of this blogging award.

Building off of the German “lieb” (not to be confused with Lisa Loeb “You say…Stay”), The Liebster Blogging Award is for bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. It is a peer award, bestowed by a blogger who recognizes worthwhile content when she reads it, or when he follows it. So, amidst my bashful blushing the past three months, I have been feeling incredibly honored by and grateful to The Wordy Thirties, whose writing, honesty and courage I truly admire. Thank you!

To show you how truly honored I am, I am unveiling my husband, Dave. You’d better be-Liebster it! This was our holiday e-card to friends and family (in Dave’s email address book, let me know if you want in on the e-card next season…)

In a self-justifying move, I am going to say that since The Wordy Thirties announced herself in a funk recently, I have been feeling more and more motivated to responding to and paying forward this award.

The Rules of this award are simple:

* Copy and paste the award onto your blog (YES! I’m already done with that part…)

* Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog (Done and done, and please click on her link.)

* Choose five other bloggers to give the award to, post them here and let them know via their comments

* By spreading the love, hope that readers/other bloggers will “pay it forward”

Now come the five other bloggers to give the award to…

[Daa daa daa, da da, daa daa daa… a la Jeopardy]

This is tougher than it sounds. I try to follow blogs that inspire me to laugh, love, connect with the truth inside me, and write more. So many blogs hit upon one or two of these aspects, and many already have more than 200 followers.

Go Power Yoga is an infrequent blogger who puts such thoughtfulness and care into her posts that I am always tingling with excitement when I see something from her in my inbox.

Logy Express challenges me to think more carefully about the job I rushed into for stability and security, and makes me laugh out loud more than any other blogger I follow regularly. She just got the award herself (er, which ALSO tugged on my conscience knowing this award was in my inbox…), so I’ll grant her a pass for passing it forward if she wants to take it, not that she’d wait for me to say so…

Amanda Rudd at Amanada Rudd’s Blog frequently helps me surprise myself with her deep insights that I didn’t think applied to me, her fantasy book reviews that interest me (who knew?) and her ability to take on the most ambitious reading goals that I have ever imagined – on top of working hard for her PhD! She stirs my soul when she writes about her deep passion for writing, how she knew she wanted to be a writer, and all the writing she does day in and day out. Truly inspirational!

With that, my friends, I will call it a day. This lovely award has inspired me to cast my blogging net a bit wider, to take on new writing challenges (which I used to think were cheesy, but which I love reading on others’ blogs), and keep pursuing the passion in my soul, the inner voice directing me on my path, and continue making friends along the way.

Maki says he approves.



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2 responses to “You’d better be-Liebster it!

  1. MBSmith

    Kudos to you, Jill! A well deserved recognition. And a fine looking family you’ve there, too.

  2. Danke! Love the photo. Welcome to the world of blogs, Dave!

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