Happy Valentine’s Day!


Giorni Due, Cento

One of the most blatantly commercial holidays is also one of my favorite holidays. Pinks, purples, and reds are among my favorite colors. On top of that, my Grandma Smith used to put together Valentine’s Day packages for the grandkids. Both my Grandmas were smart, industrious and loving. Grandma Becker baked honey cookies, was soft and warm, and I can never remember hearing her yell. Grandma Smith never really cooked or cleaned, and voiced her opinions loudly. She did bake apple pies on Thanksgiving and put together beautiful Valentine’s Day packages. My you and yours enjoy this Valentine’s Day!


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One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. It is one of the most commercialized (don’t think that is a work) holiday’s of all time!

    I tried the nose breathing, than the in through the nose and out through the mouth breathing than back to the mouth breathing. Kudos to anyone who can breathe through their nose while running… It is one difficult task but I am sure it isn’t if a person has been doing it since the beginning


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