I wanna new drug


So many new formatting ideas…so little time. For the next month, I will be exploring topics, daily format and playful posts. Today, I am giving you a taste of Barcelona, and the chorus line of that song from the 80s “I wanna a new drug, one that won’t make me sick … One that won’t make me nervous, wondering what to do, one that makes me feel the way I feel when I’m with you!”

Thanks for a wonderful first six months – writing to you has provided daily stability and a way to stay in touch with my personal truth.

Five Barcelona Faves:

Parc Güell – designed by Gaudí

The first two shots are my favorite place in the park. I would pay some good money to get a sunny afternoon to myself with these waves.




There is peace and quiet to be found in the park, just keep looking for it when you visit.

By popular demand, dining room table photos are below. The table doubles in length when the leaves pull out. The simple square is perfect for our everyday use, we got the Gaudí inspired coasters in Barcelona and I am in love with the chairs!




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One response to “I wanna new drug

  1. jenny

    Love the new table, and the pictures!

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