*Happy Six Months*

Theme day: Spend, spend, spend. Post “Stupid Cupid 5k,” we went on a shopping spree. My favorite five purchases are below. To celebrate the first Cinquecento Project threshold, I’m off ’til Monday, when new format debuts!

(Uno) 1. A dining room table!!! Dave and I have been looking for just the right table. A “grown-up” table was a must, yet our small kitchen would not accommodate my dream table (a la Grandma Smith/Michael Smith). We found a beautiful square table with easy-to-extend leaves and delicate yet sturdy chairs lined with a classic pattern.

(Due) 2. Wine glasses. We are entertaining some guests soon and needed to replace a few traumatic losses in stemware. I am not thrilled about the choices we found, though I like the glasses we settled on.

(Tre) 3. Snow pants, snow jacket, snow gloves. After the “lean years” of using the gear with which my parents outfitted until the gear wore out, I sold it, or it broke, I finally bought proper gear for snow play!

(Quattro) 4. Snow shoes!!!!!!! Ah, I can’t wait to try them out next weekend on Mt. Etna (yes, yes, yes, out of the way of any lava paths). I love getting out in a natural setting when I’m moving enough to stay toasty warm and snow shoeing is a great fit for me!

(Cinque) 5. Gorgonzola dolce. Mmmmm, this unbelievably creamy cheese, with diaphanous veins of blue mold, is a luxurious treat in the states. Here, I got nearly a half pound for less than two Euro!


Hey Big Spender! From spending my allowance (or saving it for a big treat), to spending my babysitting earnings, to spending my Marketplace paycheck, I’ve spent and I’ve spent well. During the lean years (college and post-college/pre-law) I balanced tangible desires with wanderlust; to this day, I don’t flinch at spending $1000 or more on travel, but I GULP when I spend money on such worldly items as a kitchen table. The receipt mocks me, “You could have gone to [insert desirable locale here] for that much!” Then, I look down at the table beneath my computer, breath deeply, and relax.



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2 responses to “Gulp.

  1. Congratulations on reaching the six-month mark! I look forward to seeing the new format.

    I’ve been so impressed at how you publish thoughtful content every day, and you absolutely deserve a break! My posts, even the short ones, take me so long to finish, that I don’t publish that often. I need to become a more efficient writer, because I have a ton of post ideas that never see the light of day and never will if I keep lumbering along at my snail’s pace.

    Will you share some pics of the new stuff?

  2. Ashley

    Photos! I have a unique type of shopaholism in which I take just as much joy in others’ purchases as I do in my own. I want to see this GULP-able table. Also, what do you need snow pants for? Volcano sledding? 😉

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