(Uno) 1. Mt. Etna erupts! Just as I was about to exit the autostrada, Dave yelled out “Holy shit! That was AWESOME!” As I searched for a truck bearing down on me, a Fiat Cinquecento entering my lane, or at least a dog on the road, he finished with “I just saw Mt. Etna erupt!”

(Due) 2. It’s pretty easy blogging on a day when the volcano is erupting. If you want to feel like you are here, check out the ETNA WEBCAM. Our view is similar to Cam 5 view.

(Tre) 3. Private Benjamin. A classic! Best line: “If Patton were alive, he would slap your face!”

(Quattro) 4. Awesome, awesome run this afternoon. I started with a so-so attitude, set my goal and just went after it. Five miles later, I was grinning my way into my cool down. I love it when perseverance dominates apathy!

(Cinque) 5. Cloud cookies. More on these delectable cookies soon – they have a slightly crunchy cookie edge with a doughy-moist inside that melts in your mouth. It really is like biting into a cloud (yes, I AM a cloud biting expert). Pistacchio e arance (pistachio and orange) flavored!


Striving to find a beat to step to, I start finding fault in those around me. Nobody makes sense and everyone is an idiot today. I take a breath, trying to let it out as a laugh, and the world seems to stop. The air around me is dead, I cannot smell, and even the buzzing of electronics disappears, I suck all the light into my body and it is dark. Thumpthump. Thumpthump. Thumpthump. Whoosh! Without warning, all my senses are empowered and the world resumes as if someone hit the fast forward button. My head and my heart functioned more in tune, stress released, compassion returned. Amen/allelujah/namaste/whatever-you-say.


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