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Theme day – Laundering outdoors


Living in the temperate climate that we do, many Sicilians do not own dryers. Yes, they dry their clothes outside year-round, in temperatures as low as, ahem, 40 degrees Fahrenheit (give or take…it doesn’t get much cooler than that during the day here). As temperate as Seattle was, I still didn’t hang laundry outside in winter, and I don’t do so here. What I DO is dry my clothes in the clothes dryer outside on the terrace. It is as foreign to me as the palm trees I see everywhere (still green in winter, of course). Five best outdoor dryer moments…

(Uno) 1. Creating a reason to get out into the sunshine on an otherwise blustery day.

(Due) 2. Stargazing when we do a load of nighttime laundry.

(Tre) 3. Forgetting to turn the gas (propane) on and drying a load without heat…and then re-drying it.

(Quattro) 4. Waiting for the rain to stop, and doing mega-loads of laundry once it finally stops, on the night before leaving for a weekend vacation, after a long day of work, and with an early flight time on the horizon, and a glass of Scotch to help the situation seem bearable…ah, yes…I KNEW there was a silver lining in this one.

(Cinque) 5. Finding out they DO make a “dryer cover” that fits your dryer. (Yet wishing you were a skilled enough seamstress to sew your own).


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