Fern Gully for reals


(Uno) 1. Slogging through Attending a spouses club meeting. It was pretty fun, and I didn’t get home too late, but I find it mentally tough to take on evening activities. It may be a function of sharing a car, or still adjusting to the commute. Anyone else dread events that you were initially happy to plan?

(Due) 2. Joyful sounds! We have our entertainment system up and running. TV is mounted on the wall, stereo and ipod arranged just so.

(Tre) 3. Mini language lessons at work. My Italian colleagues, Armando and Nicolo, are both generous, relaxed men who delight in the efforts we all put into learning a little more Italian. As 20-year veterans on our military base, I truly admire their patience and their capability to nurture the glow that they must see in new personnel every year. Grazie mille, ragazzi!

(Quattro) 4. Making jokes in a foreign language. Nothing makes you feel more accomplished, even if you have a long way to go. Hence, my “ragazzi” call to Armando and Nicolo. They each have a couple of decades on me, and usually you call your peers or younger people “ragazzi” – the first time I said “Ciao, ragazzi” to Nicolo and Armando, they laughed heartily. Good thing I was in on the joke!

(Cinque) 5. Working for the weekend. You know you’re doing it, too.


Nothing pulls at my heartstrings more than an underdog story. Unless it’s an underdog story about a displaced group of people. Enter, the newest example of Fern Gullyism. This Peruvian tribe is feeling the squeeze of loggers and tourists among other unknown effects pushing them more into public spheres. I am no expert on such populations, though I do fantasize about the purity of their lifestyle. As I have matured, I recognize the role I play in displacing such people (tree-based products, folks). I also find the frequent low-status of women distasteful. Yet, my heart is singing for the Mascho-Piru!



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2 responses to “Fern Gully for reals

  1. I totally hear you on dreading plans that originally sounded fun. I find post-work activities pretty tough. Just one more reason I should get more sleep!

    • Exactly! But then if I don’t squeeze something into the week nights at least once in a while, I get mad at work for sucking up all the “fun Jill” time in my life. I mean, I can’t help being fun at work and all, right?

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