Can you smell what’s cookin’?


(Uno) 1. More thoughts on the “what’s that smell?” effect. The smells of a new place take getting used to and you know, it’s a lot like when you bring a new cat into a home, or take cats into a new home. They are so obviously stressed out, and spend a lot of time sticking their nose into every nook and cranny. Eventually, they relax and only get agitated by smells you bring home with you.

(Due) 2. Okay, here’s the truth, Panther still sticks his nose in your face to smell your breath. I’m not sure if he’s interested in what I had for lunch or if he identifies us humans by our breath-smell. I can tell you for sure he doesn’t like morning breath any better than you or I do. (Does anybody like morning breath?)

(Tre) 3. Bruschetta! Mmmmmm. Okay, first things first, let’s all start saying it correctly, “brews-sket-ta” – yes! Say that “k” sound and say it proudly. You’re not being pretentious now that you’ve heard it here. Plus, a good bruschetta has a bit of a kick to it, so it deserves to be a punchy, dynamic word.

(Quattro) 4. Reading, reading, reading. I started “The Obamas” by Jodi Kantor, I have “Home Fires Burning” on deck, and we are reading the new edition of The Diary of Anne Frank for book club in March. “The Obamas” is told as it centers on Michelle Obama and I like that woman-centric viewpoint; “Home Fires…” is another military spouse book, this time told by a journalist who interviewed many spouses; and “The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank)” apparently has some previously unreleased passages that are now available after her father Otto Frank passed away.

(Cinque) 5. Finding the time!!! No matter what we do, we all choose how to spend our time. Better choose wisely the rest of the week cuz I am tuckered out here. Buona notte, tutti!


Changes are brewing at The Cinquecento Project. The six month mark hits on February 11th, email or comment any requests or suggestions. I plan to knock it back to Monday-Friday posts for the next month, and then make another decision. I won’t bother you with the details, instead I’ll give you something to look forward to: seeing Dave! For readers who don’t know my husband, Dave, you may have noticed his face hasn’t appeared on the blog yet. His debut is coming soon – so stay tuned. In the meantime, have a great Wednesday, relax a bit and smell your world.

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