Italian language day!!!

(Uno) 1. Il viso = face.

(Due) 2. Il occhio = eye.

(Tre) 3. La bocca = mouth.

(Quattro) 4. Il naso = nose.

(Cinque) 5. Il sorriso = smile.


Our faces are windows into our inner minds and hearts. Our eyes and mouths reveal hesitation, excitement and suspicion. Italians use the word “occhio” to indicate “watch out” or “look!” or “check that out.” If you hear “occhio” on a crowded bus or train, you may want to check your wallet pocket or your purse – the Italian might be warning you of a pickpocket. A “bocca negra” is a rich chocolate mousse-like dessert that leaves one with a black (negra) mouth. It was a favorite dessert item on the menu at Lombardino’s in Madison, Wisconsin. Ciao, ciao to all my special friends there right now!!!

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