La Caverna

Tonight, La Caverna comes to life!

Top Five Caverna photos:

(Uno) 1. The table was set before we arrived. The communal taps provided a welcoming invitation.

(Due) 2. The choices were few, but delicious.

(Tre) 3. The blues band with tie-t-shirts (ties painted into their t-shirts).

(Quattro) 4. The ubiquitous cave arch in such cavernas, shadowy and suggestive, rough and primal.

(Cinque) 5. Finally, an IPA!

“They” say that the sense of smell is one of the most powerful memory-holders in our brains. As I notice all of the smells in Sicily, this mythic truth comes alive as my nose to works the streets. Every time I catch a new smell, I try it out. I swirl it around in my nose, my lungs and my mouth. What does it taste like? What am I feeling? Surprisingly, I often find myself linking up memories, playing in the garden dirt (childhood), sweating on the beach (kinda smells the same everywhere), certain garbage/fish smells (Ecuador/Mexico/Seattle), and fresh rosemary (endless possibilities).


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