The Woman

La donna. Cinquecento is dedicated to women today (in no particular order)!

(Uno) 1. Thinking about how women are used as objects in advertising, including corpses. This really interests me as I believe visual images are as/more powerful as/than living with power-neutral gender dynamics in your home/work life. Social groupthink and all.

(Due) 2. A great checklist if you feel you are on the receiving end of gender bias or out-and-out harassment at work. Social bullying often stays under the radar and rarely rises to the level of direct harassment that would lead to a lawsuit, but it still limits the positive effects of gender equality in the workplace.

(Tre) 3. Woman hunter, gatherer, and chef Georgia Pellegrini.

(Quattro) 4. My mom, Sharon. She is an amazing woman! She fixed stuff when we were growing up, she took care of the house, fed us, clothed us, and delighted in sharing special moments with us. Meanwhile, she worked full-time, paid attention to her health and wellness, and socked away enough money to give us special treats for no reason other than to please us. She has also served as an inspiration to me. I love you Mom!

(Cinque) 5. [ ___________ __________________]. Like the portrait monument in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, I recognize the unidentified women who are working hard for equality, and inspiring other women to stand tall and strong in this world. The monument at the Capitol features Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and an un-sculpted bust. The un-sculpted bust served as a reminder of the women who must carry on the work of these three pioneers.


“I am women hear me roar,” (uh??? next line?) “…as I go running out my front door!” Cat-calls still exists in Sicily. A common gesture is a man’s head dramatically swiveling to follow the ass of a woman walking by; as his gaze remains zeroed in on her ass, he shakes his hand so that it flops around the way American guys shake a can of snuff to pack the tobacco. It is so old-fashioned! I got cat-called on my run tonight for the first time since I arrived. Sigh. I adopted a Sicilian reaction – I openly glared at him!



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2 responses to “The Woman

  1. “…in numbers too big to ignore!” I knew that without watching the video (if I watch the video I will have this song in my head for days). My brain is a repository of useless information.

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