A New Sicilian Smell


(Uno) 1. Swedish fish. Dave’s dad Ken included some in a package he mailed to us and I am popping them in my mouth all weekend!

(Due) 2. La Caverna was great. It has a German theme, and reminded me more of the Essen Haus in Madison, Wisconsin, than anything else. They make a decent IPA, to boot! (Essen Haus pun, there).

(Tre) 3. Friendly enthusiasm bringing me back to hosting an Oscar party. My friend Sara wants a party, I want to throw a party – my Oscar tradition lives on! Tenth anniversary, whoo hoo.

Now to figure out our dvr…

(Quattro) 4. Watching an Italian blues singer work her thang at La Caverna. She sang mostly in English, the band had tie-t-shirts, and the piano was rocking.

(Cinque) 5. Feeling the love from my family – dual back pain article, and another email asking after me. I’m doing well – pain free, and getting my running and yoga on all the same. Yay!


“What’s that smell?” The last time we played, Big Daddy was smelling mendacity. Before that, I smelled the burning clutch of our rental car. The game originated in August when I was smelling my own sweat in that stinky Punto. Yesterday and today, I have had the distinct pleasure of smelling freshly overturned earth, rich with decay and ripe with the promise of spring. Both times, I was out for a run just as the sun set and twilight descended. The smell touches a primal nerve in me, invigorating my spirit, my soul and my innermost desires to Live, Live, Live!


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5 responses to “A New Sicilian Smell

  1. what shall i bring to said Oscar party?

  2. The sun had already set, but I ran outside tonight because it is 60 degrees here. Our daffodils are coming up. This is nuts.

    Your Oscar party sounds fun.

  3. Hi Jill,

    I came across your blog while doing internet research for our upcoming trip to Sicily and have enjoyed getting to know a fellow Wisconsin-ite. We are visiting our son who is the Commander of the the UAV squadron at Sigonella. We will be arriving in Catania on Feb 9th and spending 10 days in the area. Would love any advice you can provide for our time in the area. And, if you’re available, would love to meet for un birre.

    Betty Torres

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