There ain’t no party like a Sicilia Party…

…cuz the Sicilia Party don’t stop!

That’s right, it’s Cinquecento Friday here in Acireale and this chica (what is the Italian equivalent of THAT?) is getting her groove on at the Caverna. Oh YEA, after all the previous hopes and attempts to make it to the only local brewery I’ve heard about, it is finally happening! I love strong and bitter pale ales, and IPAs (India pale ales; British-made, called “India” because the India-bound brew had extra hops to be able to ferment all the way to India). I can’t wait to see what Sicilian beer has to offer me.

(Uno) 1. Book club! Yay – last night I went to Borgo Antico to wine, dine, and discuss Jonathan Franzen’s “Freedom.”

(Due) 2. Piggy backing on Uno, Borgo Antico ROCKED! I will return with camera to share the pleasures with you. For now, just imagine these fine antipasti delights: rich-yet-tangy sun-dried tomatoes, a hard white cheese with eggplant marmalade on top, grilled endive, and more! “Melanzane marmalade” rolls off the tongue more smoothly, so that’s what I’ll call it from now on.

(Tre) 3. Piggy backing on Uno, AGAIN, I’m giving props to the “Freedom” discussion that we had. Franzen is a gifted writer. Many of us agree that the book is like a roller coaster – lots of ups and downs, a few seemingly-dull moments that suddenly nose-dived into a stomach-twisting turn. We clashed and merged opinions on characters, motivations and the book’s overall message, though. It was a great discussion!

(Quattro) 4. Strike relief. The sciopero threat seems to have passed, despite ongoing protests on the mainland.

(Cinque) 5. Running! I had a GREAT speedwork training run – I literally felt like I was floating along and I just had to tippy-tap my toes to keep my body moving along. One of those magical runs that I will attempt to emulate over and over again until I get it just right.

Buon fine settimana, tutti!


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  1. I never new that about IPA!

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