A touch risque



Ciao tutti! Tonight’s post comes with a special dose of articles and links. Linkity link, link, link, as I like to say. Although I love to ooze positivity, pun the punniest puns around, and generally chuckle when others might cringe, I do have to say that I like to be serious, too. So, take a look around and see what sparks your interest. Not many words or topics spike my radar, politics inspire verve, I am quite tolerant and fluent in curse words and swearing, I delight in conversations about sexuality and gender, and discussing medically related bodily functions or occurrences piques my interest – so consider yourself warned.

(Uno) 1. First – from my home state and my homey (Uncle Michael), comes a scathing op-ed of the deplorable Justice Michael Gableman.

(Due) 2. Yay Cynthia Nixon – She is such a badass! Now, she’s reframing the discussion of “choice” (not the choice you think)…
“In immensely awkward studies measuring men’s hard-ons while viewing various sexual stimuli, most guys have a strong response to either males or females; and their sexual orientation generally predicts their physical reaction. On the other hand, Bailey explains, “Women’s genital sexual arousal pattern is much less predictive of their sexual identity and their stated preferences,” he says.”

(Tre) 3. See Numero Due. Okay, Seriously??? I just made a dukey joke, AND I referenced an article that measured men’s hard-ons. See previous posts about my juvenile sense of humor and laugh with me.

(Quattro) 4. Taking a turn, a heart-warming account of a Grandfather’s love for his grandson.

(Cinque) 5. Butterflies are pretty.


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