Lo Sciopero Continua (The Strike Continues)

Ciao Cinquecento-ers,


My news coverage of the Sicilian Truckers’s Strike continues today…because the truck strike continued past the midnight deadline. That’s right, the strike continued, with the support of the fishers and the farmers, the truckers held their vigil until at least sundown today. We’ve been following the news updates from the base (Sigonella), online news (La Sicilia), and rumors (facebook!). I also did a bit of investigative reporting, by taking my afternoon run on a route that passes through the Viale Cristoforo Colombo and SS 114, the intersection I described yesterday. It had even more trucks than it did last night! Viva Italia! Viva Sicilia!


Uno (1). “Tutto Finito” (All Finished) – read the sign on this gas tank.

Due (2). The gorgeous view from this gas station on SS 114.

Tre (3). This pump says “Esaurito” – it sounds a little bit like “esorry” or “sorry” – and the sad face is saying “Sorry!” – but in Italian, “esaurito” means “out of stock.”

Quattro (4). The Carabinieri is keeping watch over the protest, the SS 114 continues off to the left of the carabinieri cars, the road to the right is Viale Cristoforo Colombo. As I stopped to take this picture, I was in my running outfit, and Dave was with me. A carabinieri officer got out of his car to ask me about my photograph. With our language barrier, I just showed him the photo I took. We smiled at each other and I continued up the former-road/current-alleyway of trucks.

Cinque (5). Two-parts: A poorly backlit photo of the trucks lined up on Viale Cristoforo Colombo (part 1) and a poster from the strike (part 2). The trucks lined up on both sides of the road from the intersection with SS 114 back to where the road divides (for locals). The past two days, they only lined up as far as the hotel, and then the car dealership. I was starting to get questions I couldn’t answer, so we didn’t venture further. I support expression and fighting for your beliefs, so in that way I support these guys (at the most basic), but I’m pretty sure my Italian wouldn’t carry me too far in any political discussion, so I jogged back home.

Poorly backlit shot:

Truck display:

Close-up of Sciopero poster:

“Impact Forces

Asserting Our Rights

[Map of Sicily]

Sicily is closed from 16-20 January

Tear down this system that has killed Our economy. Delete this incapable political class. Defeat the powers that are are exploiting us. Give our earth and our children a future. Begin the fight for our freedom, our autonomy.”

***Update*** – We are hearing rumors that the truckers have finally relented and are allowing trucks filled with gas to leave the refineries on Sicily. Interestingly, Sicily reportedly supplies over 50% of fuel in Italy. The protesters may be taking the show on the road and protesting in Roma soon. We’ll see what happens next!


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