Sicilian Trucker’s Strike ends Tonight!

…and the Sicilian Fisher and Farmer strike will pick up the pace, or so rumors go.


More news and excitement surrounding the trucker’s strike here in Sicily, as well as a few funny things. Face it, it’s Friday. Time to LAUGH!

First, though, the serious stuff:

(Uno) 1. Sigonella has been providing frequent updates on the strike and its effects on daily living for Sigonellans. The most recent update is this:

“NAS Sigonella
From: PAO

According to local media, after a Union Meeting last night, protesters from the truck companies resolved to end the protest tonight at midnight as scheduled; however, farmers and fishermen decided to continue the protest. Road blocks should be partially cleared as truckers will return to work and allowing supplies to be delivered to gas stations and supermarkets, but other protesters have expressed interest in continuing the protest. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep the community informed.”

Yay!!! Er…what? Okay, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what this means.

(Due) 2. Dave and I managed to gas up again this morning at a station near our home in Acireale. The station was completely out of diesel gas (gasolio), but they still had unleaded (benzina). Many more diesel powered cars over here led to this benefit for us! All reports rumors agree that trucks will be delivering gas to gas stations over the weekend, but there are additional rumors that a ten day strike may begin next week.

(Tre) 3. I saw three rogue trucks on the road tonight. “Scabs” you might call them! (Dave did). All week long the roads were pleasantly filled with cars (except the toll way and the downtown traffic). The lack of trucks on the roads makes a significant difference in the flow of traffic, in visibility, and in fear (c’mon, you try passing a semi-truck and trailer on some of these teeny tiny roads and tell me you don’t hold your breath until it’s over). The trucks had strong solidarity and these were the only trucks I saw on the roads all week. The trucks were “rogue” because the strike is not officially over until midnight tonight. The ones we saw operating were sneaking on the back roads that we were driving to avoid the toll. Okay, these are only “back roads” to us, they are neighborhood roads for the people who live in Val Verde and the other towns we traverse. Anyway, we were right behind one of the trucks as it turned into a tight alleyway. It was working hard to stay in the center of the roadway so that its trailer would not crash into the balconies of the buildings on either side of it. As it started to make a gutsy-tight left hand turn, I watched as the rear end of the trailer swung closer and closer to the building to the right of the truck. SMASH! The rear end took a chunk of concrete out of the stoop, but cleared the house. Phew!

(Quattro) 4. Arriving home on the circonvallazione (say it: “…” wait, if you don’t live here, don’t bother trying to say this one…) Viale Cristoforo Colombo to see the largest group of trucks yet. These trucks are not blocking the road, but there are about 15-20 trucks and semi-trailers lined up and doubled-up leading down to the state highway SS 114 where it meets Viale Cristoforo Colombo. Readers, I love street names and I don’t get a lot of opportunity to share them with you. Via, viale, circonvallazione!!!

(Cinque) 5. We stopped for groceries at our neighborhood market tonight on the way home. Despite the lack of trucks delivering for five days, there was still plenty of food in the market. I was actually pretty amazed. It makes me wonder if we couldn’t just pay the truckers the same amount of money, but reduce the number of truckloads delivered every week? I don’t know anything about how to organize deliveries, but I gotta think that we could get by with a little less than we think we need. And, that really applies to all areas of life. Minor calamities (oxy moron? think about it) like this trucker’s strike get me thinking about these bigger questions. Just another reason why I love it when people speak their minds, act with conviction and live out loud! Yay!


So many words above means I’m just going to give you links to silly laugh-time fun. All of these links leads to a short bit of humor. Ciao.

I’m too mad for a hug, but I’ll still give you a high five! Plus, a T-Rex drawing.

Calling it like we see it, asshole.

<a href="” target=”_blank”>Computer Says No.

A last, serious note, a somber good-bye to a legend, Miss Etta James. What a voice, what a woman.

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