Trucker’s Strike!


(Uno) 1. Morning commute: traffic on the autostrade reduced to single cash lane and a single Telepass lane – luckily we have the Telepass and zipped right through.

(Due) 2. Truckers are blocking the ports as well as refusing to drive their trucks – this is resulting in a perceived gas shortage. Some gas stations have run out of gas, though it seems not all of them have run out. The strike is scheduled to end at midnight on Friday.

(Tre) 3. Evening traffic delays. Our evening commute was not meant to be as easy as our morning commute – so we took evasive action and it still took an extra hour to get home.

(Quattro) 4. Perceived gas shortage creating lines at the pump that back out into the street, increasing the already backed up traffic. Ugh!

(Cinque) 5. Opting to pick up a pizza from our neighborhood joint in lieu of starting dinner at 8pm, and chatting with the proprietor about the strike. He commented that the “South” (Sicily, Calabria, other southern provinces) is only hurting themselves with the strikes, and that the state doesn’t give a shit about the South – we covered all of this in Italian!


Deliberate practice is so hard when I am returning to my regular routine from a lovely weekend. I had lovely days exploring Pompei (Italians spell it with one “i”), hopping in and out of the car up and down the Amalfi Coast, and traipsing about Napoli under a blazing winter sun. After dinner and a nightcap, I kibitzed with Jim and Dave until sleep took hold. The lovely hotel where I stayed in Massa Lubrense offered up a substantial breakfast. Crusty bread with baked tomato and cheese, breakfast bruschetta (say it “brew-skate-ah”), and cornetti filled with chocolate (cornetti = croissants).

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