An Amalfi Sunset


Amalfi Coast Sunset Theme


Yesterday, before miserably tracking the Green Bay Packer loss on, Jim, Dave and I enjoyed a warm winter sunset from Salerno. Salerno is situated at the southern end of Italy’s rugged stretch of coastline called the Amalfi Coast. The nooks and crannies of the coastal highway leave you wondering which way is up and may leave your stomach on the floor of the car. We stopped frequently for stretching our legs, for caffè, for the vista. After a long walk along Salerno’s lungomare, we found a quiet beach where the waves rushed ashore as the clouds absorbed the sun.

Uno (1).


Due (2). Dave is getting ready for his cinquecento debut – sometime after the six month mark in February.


Tre (3). The sun slips a little lower, and so do all of your worries.


Quattro (4). As the sun slips toward the clouds, the light splash of waves seemed to get louder.


Cinque (5). Suddenly, the sun disappears into the clouds. The light that was so vibrant and life-assuring is absent.



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3 responses to “An Amalfi Sunset

  1. Great commentary w. the sweet pics

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