Hi Mom! You are not a stronzo.



(Uno) 1. Making “facial” jokes with Dave and Jim as we putz around this weekend.

(Due) 2. Having family around. I forget the dynamic of having a friend in my life who has known me for 27 years. So many fun stories, jokes and memories – and making more as we speak!

(Tre) 3. Hi Mom! Jim is doing fine. We wish you were here.

(Quattro) 4. Beautiful morning looking out at the Amalfi Coast, with the best travel breakfast yet (salty & sweet).

(Cinque) 5. Mozzarella di bufala from Naples. The salty-milky juice that squirts out as you bite into the ball is satisfying.


Vocabulary! Are there…(doughnuts? bathrooms? oranges?) Is there…(parking? WiFi? gelato?) are common ways to ask simple questions. For some reason I have had difficulty transitioning from the Spanish “hay” to the Italian phrase “ci sono…” (say it “chee soh-noh”) (plural) and “c’è…” (say it “chay”) (singular). It is finally staring to roll off my tongue more naturally. It is a really helpful tool despite how simple it may seem. Thanks to a graffiti artist (btw, “graffiti” is an Italian word), I learned my first Italian swear word: stronzo!


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