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(Uno) 1. Readers, I ask you, if you were transgender (stick with me here), and being accused of a crime, would you be plead that your gender confusion made you do it? No. Just like I wouldn’t plead that my confusion over who is Laverne and who is Shirley kept me from loving The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I loved The Mary Tyler Moore Show because it is brilliant, but my point is that the two don’t really have anything to do with one another. I sympathize with anyone seeking an inner truth, and I especially sympathize with those questioning their gender or sexual orientation in today’s media circus. But c’mon!

Defense lawyers say Manning, 24, was clearly a troubled young soldier who
suffered from psychological problems stemming from gender confusion. They
say the Army never should have sent him to Iraq or given him access to
classified material

(Due) 2. To balance things out, here is an article from Ivan Coyote, a man who shares a chapter of his transgender life.

(Tre) 3. Getting to spend QT with my baby brother a little while longer before he departs. Life is good.

(Quattro) 4. Back to NEWS! Here’s an article that brother o’mine referred to me (and everyone else on facebook) – it’s about poverty. I’ll warn you that it’s a long read, so get yourself a cup of tea and settle in for an upLIFTing read.

(Cinque) 5. This one is probably NSFW, and if you blushed at my Tata and duty jokes, this article on facials might not be the link you should click on. It addresses a really troublesome issue of whether feminism exists within the pornography world. I spent a semester discussing such issues in college and never made up my mind. I opened my mind to the possibility that some women are empowered by their experiences in the pornography world, but I really can’t get over the ubiquitous debasement of women in the storylines (that I’ve been exposed to…lol, “exposed”…).


Switchback! Today I’m sharing a few special moments with you via photo, in lieu of cento words. Hope you like them…

A special tea time. Since switching to green tea in late 2009, I have come to value my morning ritual of green tea with lemon juice. Simple, delicious, and rejuvenating without becoming jittery.

REAL produce that is bumpy and unevenly colored and not grown from modified seeds!!! That, and the most wonderfully round eggplant I have ever seen. The eggplant is not an aberration, however, it’s a different type of eggplant than the oblong variety.

Finally, one of my favorite shots from our Tuscany trip with Anisette and Hal. Happy Saturday everybody!



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4 responses to “Newsy Newsy News News

  1. Pictures of foodstuffs always make me happy!

  2. Katie T

    What did you make with the real produce?

  3. How was that eggplant? I love eggplants but have never tried the round ones. Also, I love how Brits call them aubergines. So classy sounding!

    • Okay, you and Katie both want to know what became of the real food. Dave actually cooked the eggplant and pepper together, got a nice sear on both and then slowly cooked in the pan until both pepper and eggplant were nearly gooey but not mushy. We put it on top of a few things, including some crusty bread and some pasta. Delicious

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