So, so, suck your toe.


(Uno) 1. Work-out – HOLLA! My colleagues kept asking me why I was smiling all day – apparently it was nature’s caffeine putting that grin on my face.

(Due) 2. Pink Lady apples – crunch, crunch, sweet, sour, REPEAT. Yummy.

(Tre) 3. Two more days to reach a few deadlines at work, and I am on pace. That feels great. Tomorrow is going to be tough, I have a bi-weekly update due and I am waiting on submissions, three meetings, and a stack of documents to organize into a massive spreadsheet (using the nomenclature I devised!).

(Quattro) 4. Dreaming of the Amalfi Coast. We are planning a trip there soon.

(Cinque) 5. Did I mention my relief from back pain? It is grand! I am continuing to be very careful and all is going well.


When Grumpy Grumpersons Growled and Glowered

It was a brisk spring morning in Washington, D.C. and I was working as a Senate intern.

Earlier, I had worked-out with a co-intern; we were amiably chatting and laughing as we waited for the elevator to fill for the ride up to the office.

A colleague stepped on and said, “Well, don’t you two look bright-eyed!”

Without missing a beat, I turned and gleefully said, “We worked out; it’s nature’s caffeine!”

Heads turned, eyes narrowed, mouths gaped (I could smell coffee breath); I giggled and held Molly’s eye the rest of the ride.



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4 responses to “So, so, suck your toe.

  1. I heart Pink Lady apples, they are the bomb!

  2. Ashley

    Hey lady, I’m still trying to plan our European vacay this summer (just waiting on a slow-to-respond-Ciccio to get back to me about Atillio’s wedding) but we’re definitely including amalfi in our trip. Go! And report back!

  3. Where do you get your Pink Lady apples??? I’ve looked at the market in Catania and haven’t seen them!

    • I got them at the “Standa” – a small grocery store on our way home. They are small and misshapen – a sure sign that they might be organic. The produce clerk lets me pick through them, though I’m not sure what the etiquette is. Overall, I’m sure I’m a piece of cake compared to Sicilian nonni shopping there 😉

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