(Uno) 1. Um…making it back to work after hitting the snooze button a record of five times!

(Due) 2. Resolution of back pain (hopefully not temporary), cold coming to an end, barely any allergy reaction last week, and overall shiny happy physicality today!

(Tre) 3. Trying decide if Bubs, Kima, or Omar is my favorite character from The Wire. Important decisions, people!

(Quattro) 4. Hearing from my friend Jenny who is a new babymama, again. Her second little boy is seven weeks old now, very close to my newest niece Brynn. Jen is hanging tough after her little boy was rehospitalized. He’s doing better now, and can always use another positive energy push, be it prayer or happy thoughts.

(Cinque) 5. Cranberry sauce. The base commissary must have had some late cranberry shipments after the Thanksgiving holiday because I was the happy beneficiary of fresh cranberries in the produce department last week. I boiled them down with freshly squeezed orange juice, a splash of water and a touch of sugar. Yum!


Photo theme from our daytrip to Ortigia yesterday.

An ancient ruin as the centerpiece of a piazza in Ortigia.

More ruin detail.

A lovely fountain in another piazza.

I love the sunshine in one corner of the picture.

The lovely sea drifting through the many bridges that link Ortigia to Siracusa on the mainland of Sicly.

Wish you were here! Buona serata tutti!


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11 responses to “Ortigia

  1. karrie baas

    I wish I were here too! Great Photos, keep them coming!

  2. I love how you’re always going off and exploring Italy! I grew up in the military and so many families I knew just stuck to the base and never bothered exploring Europe. I remember when my dad was stationed at RAF Lakenheath, we knew more than one family whose only trip away from the base was to Disneyland Paris, and they didn’t even visit Paris. Totally not joking. Just unbelievable to me.

    Oh, and I always have to set my alarm for 20 minutes before I want to get up because I HAVE to press snooze at least 4 times. So sad!

    • I started planning things that got me out of bed – primarily yoga. Since I am not in that same routine now, I use my cats! If I get out before hitting snooze, I get an extra 10 minutes of kitty snuggle time in the morning. I usually get up, but that morning it was NOT happenin’

      I can’t wait to explore more than Sicily & Italy (and Geneva)…although my next trip is to the Amalfi Coast, so more Italy for now. I adore Italy, so it’s not such a hardship.

  3. Katie T

    The Wire is AWESOME. My husband is obsessed with that show and has watched it all the way through a couple of times. I have discovered there is a lot more to Baltimore after living here though.

    • I have had two experiences in Baltimore. The first was spending a week living in a safe house in the areas (or similar) featured in the show. I was there for Habitat for Humanity during winter break (exotic location, I know). A person was murdered one block down from our safe house while we were there (at 5am, getting in car to go to work) and some people’s items were stolen from the front porch of one of the houses we worked on (jackets, bags). It was interesting.

      The other time, I drove up from DC for crab. MMmmmmm, yummy.

      • Katie T

        I did Habitat for Humanity spring breaks three years in college too! Mine were in Phoenix, New Orleans, and some unremarkable city in Florida. We worked in a sketchy neighborhood in New Orleans but nothing like you experienced in Baltimore. Yikes!

        It is pretty interesting that you can find a fairly dangerous neighborhood a few blocks away from anywhere in Baltimore, and I have heard some similar stories to the one you shared since moving here. At the same time, there are a lot of cool neighborhoods and very nice people. My favorite thing about the city has to be the food though.

  4. I’m a snooze-button-aholic. I push it at least once, setting my alarm early to compensate!

    I can’t wait to get out and explore more! Kids make it a little tougher, but we’re planning some adventures soon. Love your pictures!!!

    • You got around well before school started – I can’t imagine adding that to the schedule. Ortigia was super easy for us because we lucked out with a parking spot at the train station (FREE!).

      I’m usually not a snooze button person, but my sleep schedule is off from the holiday “stand down” which resulted in my bedtime creeping later and later each night.

  5. I laugh at your snooze number! I once hit snooze 19 times. I use three alarm clocks (soon to be four!) and it’s still not enough. I’ve tried bribing myself with something I want to do, but it doesn’t work. Need to go to bed earlier, although if I had a dime for every time I have said that, I’d have a lot of dimes.

    • Yes, the snooze fest continues here – I am still on 2-3 per morning now – ugh!

      I can NOT believe you had a 19 snooze button day!?!?!??! Wasn’t there some point where you thought, “Awwwww, fuck it. I’m just going back to sleep!”??? I understand the struggle with getting to bed earlier, although I have had significant success with that in the past 2-3 years.

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