Bang bang, that awful sound…


(Uno) 1. Gorgeous sunny January day with highs in the 60s (feels like it anyway) – it’s the little things, like sunny sun sunshine.

(Due) 2. Canolo, caffè and pizzola in Ortigia. Canolo was freshly stuffed with ricotta, still no rival to the canolo we had on Lipari.

The pizzola:

Happy siblings, enjoying the warm winter temps and camraderie:

(Tre) 3. Bringing back brother Jim and enjoying the weather with a cribbage game on the terrace.

(Quattro) 4. Catching up with my dear friend Z. We etched out a few minutes for a phone call. She’s studying for the bar exam on top of working full time, so if you can, send some positive energy her way!

(Cinque) 5. MMMMmmmmmm…arance! With Jimmy’s presence we bought another case of oranges and they are so yummy.


Nancy Sinatra, Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, Darryl Hannah, Vivica Fox, Lucy Liu … could I be talking about anything besides Kill Bill!?!?!?! Tarantino creates memorable moments and the finale scene in Kill Bill Vol. 1 is among my all-time movie favorite scenes. The quiet snowfall, water wheel, and serenity as a contrasting backdrop to the intense violence preceding the scene and contained within the scene. As much as the action, plot and dialogue are enjoyable, I really found myself understanding the attraction to action movies when I finally saw female action figures I could relate to. Thank you Quentin Tarantino. THANK YOU!


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