Day by day


(Uno) 1. Recovering from my first Reiki massage. Or do I call it a session or treatment?

(Due) 2. Spring cleaning – early. Instead of waiting for spring, I try to clean out my email once a month or so. Ideally, I try to limit my inbox to 10 messages; realistically, if I keep it under 50 I am happy. Today I take it back to 10.

(Tre) 3. Wondering which music to purchase next. I have a lot of input for favorites from 2011, but what is on your music forecast?

(Quattro) 4. Got a lovely supportive email from my aunt about back pain. I hope my row to hoe isn’t as long and arduous as hers was.

(Cinque) 5. Homemade cookies!!! Auntie Kathy’s cookies arrived in the mail and despite the distance they traveled, they are scrumdidiliumptious!


In lieu of one hundred ho-hum words from me, take a look at this hilarious homage to my temporary home, and beloved friend, Seattle, Washington.



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2 responses to “Day by day

  1. Lisa Marie

    That was a hilarious homage to Seattle – I’ve never been there, but I love the way he went about describing it! Thanks for the afternoon laugh in between my cleaning time! I continue to enjoy every single blog, Jill – keep on keepin’ on! 😀

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