I make my own opinions and you can, too.



Do you hate it when people go around telling you all of their opinions on everything from A to Z? Me, too. That’s why I pour many of my opinions into this blog – to save my colleagues, friends and family from days like today when I have an opinion on everything under the sun (***you, on the other hand, signed up for this blog; for your comfort, I put this warning upfront today). Maybe it is the caffeine buzz from two cups of strong coffee, maybe it is chatting and catching up with my brother, maybe it is barometric pressure changes – all I know is my mind alit on these articles from my inbox, facebook feed, and blogging community. Enjoy!

Uno (1). Taming Bad Financial Instincts. This is a post from “Daily Worth” – an email newsletter geared to professional women’s financial needs. Sometimes I am nowhere near the earning range of the newsletter topic, other times the advice is right on the spot. Today’s advice to automatically reroute money from a checking account to a less accessible savings account is spot on. I love this idea! Check out the hyperbolic-discounting explanation, too.

Due (2). Scott Colom: Advice for Chief McQueen. The eternal philosophical debate of how to reduce crime! A classmate of mine waxes philosophical about values in telling his story of recent burglary. He offers a lot of good suggestions for making safer communities, but I got stuck on his calculation of “better parents + better schools = safer community” – I think it ignores too many other factors. (I also think it is punny that Mr. Colom writes a column!!! har, har, har).

Tre (3). Feel Free to Ignore Iowa. Via my brother, Gail Collins yuks it up at the expense of the Iowa Caucuses. She is so right! For many years I have been wondering why so many people care what a bunch of Iowans thinks. Like Ms. Collins, I love Iowa and some Iowans, just don’t think they are the end-all-be-all of political bellwethers.

Quattro (4). Changing Time. Steve H. Hanke and Richard Conn Henry via the CATO Institute propose following Universal Time and adopting a new calendar with standardized quarters and an extra week every five to six years. It was fun and mind-bendy to imagine such a change, and I guess it would mean new and different ways of considering time. Yet, it feels like change for the sake of change, so I am not supporting the proposal (as if they asked).

Cinque (5). Funny Cats. Paul over at Paul’s Blog liked a post of mine so I wandered over to his blog and found a funny cat video that Dave actually showed me a few nights ago – How to Wrap A Cat for Christmas (third in his list of videos). It is hilarious and so worth a watch that I posted it below to make it super easy for you. Check out Paul’s post for other funnies.



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6 responses to “I make my own opinions and you can, too.

  1. Sharon

    I can’t imagine Maki or Panther sitting still to be wrapped.

  2. I love the cat video! I can’t imagine Cambria sitting still for that either- she’s much too feisty!

  3. Aaaaah! So cute. There is no way on earth that my cat would let me even attempt that!

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